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Track your team’s performance like never before to help them achieve new levels of success and maintain consistency.

With the Everynook suite of Team tools you’ll be able to gain insights into your team’s performance, set advanced goals and create a competitive and fun atmosphere to help foster collaboration and encouragement for your team members.

Share team member accolades and accomplishments.

Your team members work hard to earn their successes and you’ll be able to provide them instant recognition and praise for them on the Everynook team dashboard. Publicizing the amazing individual achievements of your team members will help encourage and motivate others on the team to increase their efforts to obtain similar results.

Donald Johnson


This is my big goal

Total Units Sold | Full Year | 2023

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Encourage your team members to accomplish their individual goals.

Accountabilty and encouragement go a long way in motivating your team members to do what it takes to achieve their goals. With the Everynook team tools, your team members can create individual goals based on a wide variety of metrics. They can then share their goals and progress with the team for encouragement and advice on how to best achieve their goals.

Create and share team goals to motiviate your team for collaborative success.

As a team leader, you’re objective is not only to help each of your team members achieve their personal goals, but to set and achieve collaborative goals for the entire team. You’ll be able to set combined goals for the entire team based on a variety of criteria. Once a team goal is set, the system will assist in tracking the team’s progress and provide updated gameplans so the team can stay on a practical and achievable roadmap.

Most Recent Team Goal

The Fitzgerald Group of Orchard Properties

Team Production Goals

Total Units Sold | Full Year | 2022

Congratulations! You’ve achieved your production goals for 2022 and are on pace to surpass your goal by 20% by the end of the year.

goal progress
  • Total Units Sold Goal 50
  • Current Pace 60

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