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More than most industries, real estate is a relationship business. The bonds you build with your clients and fellow real estate professionals and the reputation you create through hard work and perserverance are incredibly important. Members of the Everynook community are eager to share when they have a vendor or peer they love to work with and growing your reputation will help you culitvate more business and opportunities.


Paul Goodson

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You’ve likely met and worked with some truly exceptional agents. Don’t let their excellence and expertise go unnoticed. You can endorse your favorite peers in the Everynook community so they can get the recognition they deserve . Endorsements show other community members these agents are professional and trusted which will help them have more offers accepted.

Received a new endorsement! December 4, 2022
Samantha Mattingly Turnkey Residential

... and let everyone know why they’re your favorite peers to work with.

Have a great anecdote or story about one of your peers that exemplifies their dedication to their clients or local expertise? Share it with the community so other members can see what makes their fellow agents shine while also letting your peer know you appreicate them and their work etchic.

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November 7, 2022

Patrick was such a joy to work with. Top notch service and always with a smile. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable about the local metro area, market conditions and financing. My team and I couldn’t have been happier with his communication and professionalism. Hope to work with him and his staff again soon!

Thanks so much for the feedback, Mildred! It was great working with you and your team as well. It’s nice when a transaction goes nice and smooth, the way it should be!

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