Business Growth & Planning

Setting goals leads to successful strategies

Successful real estate agents understand they can only be as successful as the plans and processes they put in place. By setting target production numbers with a defined gameplan you’ll know exactly how you and your team are progressing towards your objectives and, more importantly, understand how you can tweak your strategy to achieve the results you want. Setting practical and achievable production goals promotes accountability and raises motivation.

Get started setting your Goals

There are many standards used to analyze and validate your success as a real estate agent. There should be just as many ways to set goals and track those benchmarks. Whether you want to track monitor metrics like the number of houses you sell or set personal aspirational goals like the amount of commissions you earn, we’ve got your covered.

Basic Goals

The goals may be basic, but the insights and tracking Everynook provides are anything but. Set goals for your volume or units sold in a determined time period and receive a detailed guideline to meet those objectives.

Expert Goals

Based on actual market analysis and sales trends, we’ll help you set goals for market share or local ranking for your specific intended target location. We'll even help you achieve a desired average price point based on your sales history.

Team And Broker Goals

Help your team or brokerage set, track and achieve collaborative goals among your agents. Having a common goal increases the likelihood it will be accomplished and can help motivate your team as they see results.

Share Your Goals

Accountability is key to achieving your goals and you’ll be able to share your goal criteria, roadmaps and progress with your team, your brokerage or the Everynook community.

Automatically track your goals with updated game plans

Real estate has been hard to predict the last couple of years and setting and maintaining predictable goals in a fluctuating market can be difficult. We’ll help you stay the course by tracking your transactions on the fly and updating your game plan to reflect your progress and trends in the market.

Units Sold

My Big Annual Goal

Total Units Sold | Full Year | 2022

So far in 2022 you have sold 50 units, or 96% of your goal. To achieve your goal you will need to sell 2 more units. (Also, change the percentage on the chart to 96%.

goal progress
Status: Active
  • Total Units Sold Goal 50
  • Current Pace 52
$250,000 Seller
$250,000 Seller
$250,000 Seller
$250,000 Buyer
$250,000 Buyer
$250,000 Buyer
$250,000 Buyer
$250,000 Buyer
$250,000 Buyer
$250,000 Buyer