Collaborate, Share and Thrive

It's time to crowdsource real estate.

We're creating a community of top producing local agents who will finally have the tools necessary to truly collaborate and share with their respected peers to empower each other and their clients.

Experience a new way to collaborate with the agents you love

Everynook was created to strengthen relationships among hard-working, top-producing agents. By sharing best practices, area insights and strategies agents can help each other achieve an unfair advantage for themselves and their clients

Measure, Manage and Motivate

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it's that real estate is unpredictable. Setting and tracking production-oriented goals will help you stay focused and productive as you navigate a temperamental market

  • Set Your Goals. Choose from a host of various goal types including sold volume, average price point and market share, each with their own individual metrics and game plans.

  • Track Your Progress: Receive real-time updated analysis and progress reports on your goals that are easy to understand and interpret.

  • Updated Roadmaps: Receive course-correcting updates to your goal road map to keep you on pace to hit your goals as the market and your production fluctuate.

  • Share Your Goals: Publish your goals and progress to your brokerage, your teamor a specific group of peers. Perfect for brokers, team leaders or mastermind groups who are interested in keeping each other accountable and on track.

Creating a community of ethical and supportive top-producing agents.

Real estate transactions are a coordinated effort between real estate agents. Sometimes you work with an agent you have a pleasant rapport with; other times you are stuck working with a nightmare counterpart. Either way, it's beneficial to know what you're getting into before the transaction starts!

  • Reviews

    Share your experiences with other agents in the community as well as keep private notes for yourself and your team for future reference on possible transactions.

  • Endorsements

    Give your seal of approval to let other agents in the community know who you think are the most ethical, hard working agents you've worked with.

  • Favorites

    Keep informed about favorite peers with news about their accomplishments and get notified when they contribute to the community.

Unique Insights and Analytics into your own business.

You'll receive detailed analysis of your business trends and characteristics as well as information about your local market to help you better assist your clients.

  • Deep analysis of your own transaction data. Learn more about your own personal business tendencies and characteristics.

  • Overcome Your Deficiencies. Understanding where your business is lacking will enable you to strengthen those aspects of your business for better overall production.

  • Compare Your Characteristics. See how your personal business compares to other agents in your local market.

  • Better Understand Your Market. Detailed analysis of local sales tendencies and characteristics can help keep you and your clients ahead of a changing market.

Who are we?

Everynook was created by a local, active real estate broker with the close support of other top producing real estate agents.

This platform was developed and built from the ground up with constant agent input and feedback to make sure we are building a useful, fun and sustainable community.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

We want to make sure we are providing the absolute best cutting-edge tools and the most robust community experience possible. As we roll out our initials modules and get feedback from the community, the platform will be free. Once the site is considered stable and feedback is where we expect it, we will charge a small monthly fee to fund ongoing development and maintenance costs.

Our community is open to all licensed agents who are interested in sharing and helping their peers. The platform was explicitly designed to be brand-agnostic so agents from all brokerages and brands can collaborate and contribute

The Everynook community will grow and flourish if our members contribute their valuable insight - write reviews, endorse peers you admire and let us know what new features you'd like to see implemented or changes you'd like us to tackle. The more you contribute to the community, the more you'll reap from being a member.